Hours of Operation





Charge Revision since November 1st
entrance entrance and sauna
Adult 530 780
Junior High School Student 400 650
Elementary School Student 200 450
Preschool Child 100 -


*** In entrance and sauna,you have a set of towel (bath towel and face towel).


Other Menu
menu time service content charge
Akasuri-A*(Body Scrub) 30min. Removing dead skin whole body 4000
Akasuri-B*(Body Scrub) 40min. Removing dead skin whole body+Hot towel Mas sage of your back 5000
Akasuri-C*(Body Scrub) 50min. Removing dead skin whole body+Gel massage 6100
Akasuri-D*(Body Scrub) 60min. Removing dead skin whole body+Gel massage+Cucumber Pack+Facial Massage 7100
Massage* 20min. Gel massage of whole body 3100
Massage* 30min. Gel massage of whole body+Cucumber Pack+Facial Massage 4300
Salt Massage* 25min. Salt Massage of whole body 3850
Facial Massage 10min. Facial Oil Massage 1600
Akasuri(Body Scrub) 10min. Backside from your shoulder to toe 1600
Sauna Bag - *only for women 2330
Sauna Bag 5 times ticket *only for women 10400

*These tickets gave you Mineral water, towels and toothbrush. And enter you in the sauna room.


Chiropractic Menu
Menu time CHARGE
Chinese Chiropractic 100min. 8150
Chinese Chiropractic 80min. 6200
Chinese Chiropractic 50min. 4100
Partial Chiropractic 30min. 2150
Soles Massage 25min. 2200
Soles Massage+Partial Chiropractic 40min.+20min. 5100
Slimming Massage 60min. 7650
Complimentary Discount Charge
condition CHARGE
Adult Junior High School Student and Up 5000
Middle Elementary School Student 1900
Child Preschool Child 900

*Set of 10 tickets

Entrance And Sauna Discount Charge
Prepaid ticket 7500

*10 times to use

Child Rearing Charge
condition Charge
Junior High School Student Present Student Card 400
Preschool child*         (Up to 2 children) Parental Guidance Free